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Useful Browser Extensions for Salesforce Users

In this post, we go through some of the Browser extensions for Salesforce Users. There are hundreds and thousands of extensions on the Internet, but we will go through some of them that we recommend using while you use Salesforce.

1. Better Salesforce formula editor

As suggested by its name, this extension provides an enhancement to the Formula Builder which we use to create complex formulas. Its autocomplete functionality is extremely helpful when you have multiple fields and functions in your formula.  While using this extension your Formula Builder will have an additional tab called the Better Formula. The Formula complies automatically and there is no need to click any buttons to check the syntax. Also, it's compatible with Lightning Experience.

2. Salesforce advanced Code searcher

This extension can be any Salesforce user's best friend if you want to traverse over multiple code components be it Apex Class, Trigger, Visualforce Component, or Lightning component. You can view and download the code coverage of all your Apex code. This extension also has other features like Lightning Linter which is used to analyze code for potential errors and LWC Editor (Beta), create your lightning web component directly from this extension a much-needed one if you don't have Visual Studio installed.

3. Salesforce Assistant

This extension is just a time saver for any Salesforce Admins or Developers. It works with Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning Experience. It packs a bunch of features including a Dashboard of Code coverage, Daily API Requests, Code Backup,  Convert 15 digit ids to 18 digit ids, Lightning Quick View, Quick Query, Find Lightning component, JSON to Apex, Code Finder, Org Describe and so much more. This extension feels more like a Salesforce app than a browser extension. 

4. Salesforce LWC Editor

The future is all about building Lightning web components and this extension turns into an Editor for your Apex code, Aura components, and Lightning Web Components. You can quickly create a Lightning Web Component, Create or Update Apex Classes, Download and backup a component, Delete a Component, and many more features. 

To Sum it up

These are some of the useful browser extensions for you to get more productive and make your work easier in Salesforce. Google Chrome has many extensions that are really useful but are not covered in this article but we will try to get a new article to cover them. 


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