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👍Best Trailmixes To Do In Trailhead

Trailhead has got multiple modules and trails with projects but sometimes you might be lost and wondering what trailhead module to do next. In comes, Trailmixes which are custom learning paths somewhat similar to music playlists created by Trailblazers. 

You can create your own Trailmix or you can venture into custom learning path. Let's check in this post on what are the best trail mixes to do in Trailhead.

 1. Trailhead Resources During COVID-19 

This trailmix is created by Salesforce Trailhead Team during the pandemic. There are trails like Succeed from Anywhere During COVID-19 and Enhance Employee Wellbeing with Camp B-Well in this trailmix along with the Virtual Collaboration module.

2. Things all Salesforce Developers Should Know

Created By Chris Duarte this is the guide for best practices for all Salesforce developers. It packs up with all the contents from the basics of Salesforce Development to all the concepts that a Salesforce Developer needs to know.

3. Blaze your trail to Lightning

Make a move to Lightning Experience in Salesforce using this Trailmix. Get to know about the Lightning experience, Aura Components, and Development in Lightning Experience. 

4. Mark's Einstein Trailmix

One of the trailmix created by Mark Tossell packs up all the modules and projects of Tableau and Einstein. This one also has superbadges for Tableau CRM Data Preparation Specialist and Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Insights Specialist.

5. Quick Start a Project in 30 Mins or Less

Trailmix by Adam Torman containing some of the quick start modules and projects which can be completed in less than 30mins. This one helps you grab the badges quickly if you are aiming for the Ranger level.

Bonus Trailmix-  Road to Ranger 

Talking about becoming a Ranger these trail mixes created by Megan Peterson are absolutely necessary if you would like to become a Ranger.

Road to Ranger - Trailmix 1 ➕ Road to Ranger - Trailmix 2 ➕Road to Ranger - Trailmix 3 ➕ Road to Ranger - Trailmix 4 🎊Ranger🎊


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