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Data Generator - Appy Review #1

AppExchange is the cloud marketplace for the Salesforce platform. Offering solutions in the forms of an app, component, or consulting services. These solutions can be priced as free, paid, or discounted for non-profits.

App Name - Data Generator

In this post, we talk about one of the AppExchange app called Data Generator.  You might have had this scenario where you have a Developer Sandbox with no data and you would like to have some dummy data to test your application or functionality.


We can use this app to create mock data in Salesforce for any object or field. This app falls under the category of Developer and Admin tools. Data Generator will help you quickly insert thousands of records for your Salesforce org with just a click and no code involved.



The installation process for this app is quite similar to other appexchange installations and the app will generate one App, one tab, and one object as per the details in the Installed package. 


Starting off

To start off you can head to the App launcher and search for the application Data Generator. The interface of this app is in a green color accent. To create mock data you select the Parent object(in our case we selected Account) and the quantity which is the number of mock data you would like to create ( we used 30). Also, you need to select at least one field(it defaulted to Name) from the parent and provide the Text type. The text type allows you to select what type of text do you want in your mock data. It can be random text or exact text, Last Name, First Name, Company Name, etc. 


Add more fields

You can add more fields by clicking the Add button. After selecting the fields for which you need mock data you can simply hit the Run button on the left side to run the job. You also get to know the history of the jobs but it loads after the data is created. 

Add Parent and Child mock data

You also get an option to add Child mock data for the parent at the same time. You just need to specify the Child data you would like with the quantity and add the fields for the child object. You can specify if you would like to have some blank data which can be provided under the Blanks column which is a percentage. You can check the history of the data created and also the count of the records. 


Background Activity

In the background of this app, whenever we run the application. we can see in Apex job section that a Datafactory Apex class runs to create this data. At a moment you can create 10000 records which is way too much mock data also respecting the governer limits of Salesforce.



Data Generator is a great tool for creating mock data directly from your salesforce instance. No need to prepare multiple CSV files for each object and load data using a dataloader. You can save your time of prep work for data cleansing and formating before loading. The best part is no need to code as well. 


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