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Salesforce Flows 🌊 as Notifications πŸ””!

 Lightning flows are now called Salesforce Flows. Salesforce flows are quite a powerful process automation tool. They can be a good replacement for Process Builder and Workflow rules in your Salesforce org. It's another low code approach, with a drag and drop component functionality that Salesforce provides for Admins.

In this article, we use a Screen flows to displaying an alert or notification when an internal user logs into Salesforce. For this scenario we use Screen flows to notify the user of an upcoming Salesforce release.

Let's Flow!

Navigate to the Flow Builder from Setup first, then in the Quick Find search for Flows. Clicking on Flows displays all the flows you have in a list view.

Salesforce Flow1

Let's create a new flow by clicking on the New Flow button. For this scenario, we will be using a Screen Flow, clicking on next will get you into the Flow Builder page. Under the Interaction elements, drag and drop the Screen component.

This will open a window with New Screen. First, you provide a label for your header in the Screen properties. In this instance, we give the label as Release Notification.

Salesforce Flow2

We first update the control navigation to only show Next and Finish buttons. then add a display image component to the screen flow. On the display image properties, we set the Image Name to a static resource which we named SpringRelease. Then we connect the start component with the screen flow component.

Salesforce Flow3

Save the flow with an appropriate name and Activate the Flow.

We are all done with the Flow. Now to make the flow run when a user logs in to Salesforce. We go to the Setup and search for Login Flows. Create a new Login flow with the type as flow, user license as Salesforce, and assign the flow Release Notification to the profile that needs this alert. In this case, I have assigned it to the System Admin. 

Salesforce Flow4

Now let's see how does it look when we log in to our Salesforce instance. You can adjust the image and also add more text to display in your flow as well.

Salesforce Flow5

Quick Tip: You can connect a flow solution named Flow Video Player and File Viewer from the AppExchange to add videos and documents to your flow giving your users more details and value out of this functionality.


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