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Top 5️⃣ Salesforce Spring 21 Release Features

Spring 21 release is just around the corner and it's packed with too many features and changes across the Salesforce product line. Like every Salesforce Release, there are loads of surprises and hidden features to explore.

In this article, we talk about the top five Salesforce Spring 21 features. 

Top 5 Salesforce Spring Release

1. Add Images in In-App Guidance

In-App guidance now gets the ability to display images on In-App Guidance prompts. As you create the prompt, you can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif file format. The maximum file size of the image is 5 MB and you can specify the layout on how the image needs to appear on the prompt. Please note that large images are resized to maintain their aspect ratio.

Image Layout Lightning

In-App Guidance with Image

2. Personalized Guidance 

 There is a new Guidance Center for new admins of a Salesforce org with setup and learning resources. It can guide them in setting up or planning a rollout of basic sales and service features, managing data and setting up users, and more. It acts as a personal assistant for a Salesforce admin. Although the learning panel is available for all users, only admins can see the link to the Guidance Center.

Guidance center Salesforce

3. Farewell Community Cloud

Community Cloud has a new name and will be called Experience Cloud. All across the Salesforce org, there will be changes in the terminology used. As Communities will be called Sites or Experience Cloud Site. All communities under setup will be renamed to Digital Experiences. The Lightning Community will be called the Experience Builder Site. The Digital Experience menu in Salesforce will be now simplified to only have Themes, Template, Settings and Pages.


 After Spring 21                Before Spring 21

4. Multifield selection in Reports

This feature helps you to create reports faster by selecting multiple fields from the fields panel, and drag and drop them to the Column list in your report. To select multiple fields, press Ctrl (Windows), Cmd (Mac), or Shift when you click. Please note this feature is not available for Joined reports.

Multifield Select in Reports

5. Analyze Performance For Lightning Pages

You can now analyze the performance of any lightning pages from the lightning app builder for both desktop and for your mobile devices. This helps you decide how to make your lightning pages more optimal and increase your load time performance.

Analyse Performance Lightning

Bonus: In-App Learning (Beta)

With the new Trailhead icon next to the Help and Training section, In-App Learning is now available directly in Salesforce. In-App Learning allows Salesforce learning resources to be accessible from your Org. This feature is right now in its beta stage. You can assign learnings to your users but only the modules which have quiz in them. At the moment, all hands-on modules are excluded from this.

In App Learnings Salesforce

Let's Wrap up...

Many other features are mentioned in the Salesforce Spring 21 Release notes which we haven't covered in this article. You can take a look at the Release notes to know more about them.


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