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10 must have Salesforce Mobile apps for 2021

Everything is mobile these days and every customer loves to have services at their fingertips, so there is an app for everything. There is an app for ordering food, there is an app for buying clothes, there is an app for selling things, there is an app for buying electronic devices or gadgets, there is an app for getting the latest news via notifications, there is an app for fitness and there is an app for buying an app.

 Every brand has its mobile presence across the globe and Salesforce also runs its apps across both the mobile app store be it Google Play Store for Android devices or AppStore for Apple devices.

Here are the 10 must-have Salesforce mobile apps for your mobile devices for 2021.

1. Salesforce


Salesforce app is the mobile version of the Salesforce CRM. You can access your Salesforce CRM anywhere, stay up-to-date, and collaborate with your coworkers. It gets you all the important features including your Salesforce apps, reports and dashboards, meetings, tasks, notifications, and approvals to your fingertips. It's available on both Android Google Play Store here and AppStore here.

2. Salesforce Authenticator


Salesforce Authenticator is a security app used for identity verification or a means of two-factor authentication in addition to your password when you try to login to your Salesforce CRM. This app also works as a Multi-factor authentication for login requirements. Whenever you enable an extra security layer for your Salesforce org and connect your Salesforce org with this app it will always buzz your phone to approve logins

3. Salesforce Inbox


Salesforce Inbox was introduced when Salesforce wanted to move its Legacy Salesforce for Outlook to a new version. Well, Salesforce Inbox connects with your emails, events, and calendar with Salesforce. It's a very helpful app for teams who manage most of their work on emails and also see related Salesforce records side by side in your emails. 

4. Salesforce Einstein Analytics


Salesforce Einstein Analytics comes to the mobile platform enabling users to view their intelligent analytics from the app itself. You can view all of your Einstein Analytics apps, dashboard, lenses, and datasets directly from your mobile devices. Pin your favorite apps, dashboard, lenses, and datasets while gaining insights from the data.

5. SalesforceA


Salesforce A is purely created for Salesforce Admins. It allows Salesforce Admins to manage user management tasks such as unlock users, reset passwords for a user, view user's information and details including who are locked out or frozen, also check the status of the instance or the Salesforce org which you have logged into. The app also includes resources linked to the Salesforce Trust, Admin News and events, Trailhead, Salesforce Answers, and release notes.

6. Trailhead GO

Trailhead Go allows users to skill up anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices. You can explore Salesforce Technology, AppExchange, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce CPQ, and many more trails or modules. Complete your trailhead badge from anywhere using your mobile devices.


Trailmoji is a social app to share the fun of Salesforce during any  Salesforce events like TrailheadX, Connections, Dreamforce, and others. It lets you build your own myTrailmoji character so that you can create your own personalized swag. Share stickers of your favorite Salesforce characters with your colleagues with a simple copy and paste. Create augmented versions of the Salesforce characters like Astro, Cloudy, and Cody interacting with you in a video to share with your colleagues. 

8. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social studio allows you to manage your social media content. You can create content for a campaign that can be posted on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Get involved with the community by replying to posts and monitor what's happening on forums, blogs, news, and sites.

9. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud mobile app is a way to manage marketing cloud from almost anywhere. You can review the performance, messaging, and journey stats at a glance with your team. Monitor Journeys and automation of your customer engagements. You have the power to take actions such as pause, cancel and resume for email.

10. Field Service

Field Service mobile app is a field service management tool for your mobile workforce. It is an offline-first design that provides a clean and easy interface for your workforce with the information with in-app notifications. To use this app you need to have a Salesforce org with a Field Service license. It allows you to collaborate in realtime with all mobile employees using the Field service app in your workforce.

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