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Salesforce Certification Days!

This year again Salesforce is back with their Salesforce certification days where you can join a free half-day webinar with regards to the Certification of your choice. These sessions are held by expert instructors for 3 days so that you can ace on your Salesforce certification.

Fast Path for Learning Salesforce

Salesforce calls these certification prep seminars as Fast Path. These Fast Path will enable the exam taker to know more about the certification and get proper guidance on the main sections of the exam. The Salesforce webinars are starting off from Nov 16th 2020 to Jan 21st 2021.

Also, these are termed as Partner Certification Week Webinars on the Trailhead website. The bonus on attending these sessions is that you receive a 70 dollars worth exam voucher which will be a discount over the hefty 200 dollars for the certification exam. All these webinars are all Virtual where the attendees will get a meeting link to join after successful registration.

How to Register?

The registration process is quite simple you just need to login to your trailhead account on the Trailhead website and go to the Credentials section of the page as below and select the Take Free Certification Prep.

Take a Prep for Certification Image
Source: Trailhead

Once on the page, you select the certification exam which you would like to prep for. Based on the selection you can have Admin, Developer, Marketing, and Consultant. The webinars start time depends on various timezone so do opt for the one suitable for your need. You can register for the webinar which you would like to attend and you just need to fill in your details which are Full Name, Company, Designation, Country, and Phone. By agreeing to the cancellation terms and policies you can complete the registration.

You will then receive an email from Trailhead Academy with the details of the Webinar where you again need to register as a attendee in the GoToWebinar so that you receive the joining link to the webinar. There will be a limit on the attendees joining the session so better be fast and the first to get your spot.

Happy Learning!


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