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What's new in Salesforce Optimizer ?

Optimization is an act of making something the best or most effective use of a resource. Salesforce has multiple features that get deprecated or are replaced by a new feature and its difficult for an admin to maintain new and old features across a Salesforce org.

Say, hello to Salesforce Optimizer!

Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer helps in improving and maintaining features of a Salesforce org. It is a tool to perform quick maintenance thereby increasing productivity at your fingertips. 

Salesforce Optimizer checks your Salesforce Org for features that can be improved, declutters customization to reduce complexity, and provides recommendations in pdf report. It only accesses metadata of the org to generate Salesforce personalized pdf report and is only available in English.

How to run Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer can be kicked off but we must be sure that we have the right permission to run it and also IP addresses should be whitelisted before running the report.

From Lightning Experience Go to Setup enter 'Optimizer' in the Quick Find box.

From there select 'Create PDF'

After providing access to your Salesforce Optimizer report it will take a couple of minutes or hours based on the customization of your org. You might NOT get this report emailed to you as of Winter '20 but you can find the report automatically uploaded into Salesforce Files. Also, you will find a .xls(Excel) version of this report in Salesforce Files which will include some information from the report.

How to read a Salesforce Optimizer Report

The report is built on impact scales for your implementation and its indicated based on color icons (green, yellow, orange, red, and purple).

Green - indicates all is well with a feature and no further action is required.

Yellow - indicates a feature might not compile to Salesforce best practices but might not require immediate attention for a fix.

Orange - indicates that a feature doesn't compile to Salesforce best practices and likely requires attention for a fix.

Red - indicates that you are approaching your limits of your org and it requires immediate attention to fix it up. 

Purple - indicates that you can improve the implementation by enabling a new feature.

When to use Salesforce Optimizer

To make sure your Salesforce org is top-notch here are few tips on when to use Salesforce Optimizer.

1. Work on issues which are Red and Orange. Prioritize your job by working on sections that are flagged Red and Yellow in the report.

2. Focus on fixing issues that are simple to fix, like delete or archive unused reports or dashboards. 

3. Next is to run Salesforce Optimizer monthly or whenever a Salesforce release hits your org

It is advisable to run Salesforce Optimizer after installing a new app or any implementation on your Salesforce org.


Salesforce Optimizer is a handy feature for Salesforce users who would like to know how new releases affect their Salesforce instance. It also provides recommendations on how to make your salesforce instance better. So go ahead and make the most with Salesforce Optimizer.


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