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How to make the most of Quarantine!

Staying at home can be quite a challenge for someone who is not used to a sedentary lifestyle. This article aims to help those staying at home make the most of their quarantine time. Here are some tips on 'How to make the most of quarantine'. #QuarantineLife

How to make the most of Quarantine!

1. Complete one Trailhead Badge a Day!

Trailhead Badge a Day
Image source - YouTube

Trailhead is fun and has around 700+ badges that are up for grabs. Trailhead caters to all types of learners and it would be great to begin the adventure of learning new skills and Salesforce basics from a Scout rank to a Ranger rank. So make a practice to complete one trailhead badge a day. You never know you might end up being a Ranger at the end of this quarantine.

2. Challenge yourself with Superbadges

Challenge yourself with Superbadges
Image source - Salesforce.com

Superbadges are estimated to take around 12 hrs to complete nevertheless, those hours will take you to another level of confidence. It is built around real-world scenarios that may rack your brain tickle. Since we have a lot of time to kill during this quarantine life you can work on gaining your superbadges

3. Make a Quarantine Trailmix 

Quarantine Trailmix
Quarantine Trailmix

Trailmix is a combination of trails, modules, superbadges and projects that aim to create a learning path. I usually make a trailmix for a month but due to this lockdown and 'Stay at home policy' I have created a trailmix in trailhead called 'Quarantine Trailmix' which includes random badges which I aim to complete before we get out of quarantine and back to work.

4. Join TopTrailblazers

Enroll your Trailhead profile to the super awesome TopTrailblazer dashboard built by Johan Karlsteen. See how you rank among other Top Trailblazers and flaunt your trailblazer badge and your precious salesforce certificates

TopTrailblazer Dashboard
To enroll you need to create an account in TopTrailblazers and link your trailblazer account using Trailhead profile ID. Along with this you need to push badges to TopTrailblazer which is mentioned in this video. Keep track of your progress with other trailblazers and gamify your trailhead journey.

5. Do Something New!

Do Something New
Learn by doing something new

Well, if you've had too much of Trailhead adventure with badges, superbadges and trailmixes then you can certainly 'Do Something Different'. You could do the dishes, laundry or any other chores around the house. Re-read an old favorite book which might be gathering dust on your bookshelf; get it out and read it all over again. This can keep you busy for hours and keep your brain engaged. 

Wife's Book collection
My Wife's Book collection

Quick Fact - My wife started reading books by the author Katrina Zeno to pass her time, and she finished reading 2 books in a week. In her attempt to kill boredom she is soon to be a Ranger in Trailhead though not from an IT background. She is my inspiration!

6. Learn Something New!

We should NEVER stop learning. You can learn anything if you're willing. There are multiple programs with tutorial videos that can keep you engaged and happy.

Learn Something new
Learn Something New

Get a Hobby!

Skill up your cooking talent during this quarantine time as most of the restaurants are closed or offer takeaway food. 

You can learn new skills with Udemy, PluralSight, Udacity, SkillShare and BitDegree. Learn a new language on Duolingo. Most of these apps provide free learning access to their platform during this quarantine period.

The next two points are very important.

7. Exercise and Stay Fit

Everyone has been away from the gym during this quarantine time to stay safe. You don't always need a treadmill to walk or weights to get fit. You can exercise at home by doing exercises like Yoga, push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks and many more.

Exercising to Stayfit
Exercising to stay fit 

Here are some exercises you can do without any type of equipment.

1 min: March in place — Lift the knees high and swing the arms
1 min: Jog in place
1 min: High knees
1 min: Regular jumping jacks
1 min: Mountain climbers

You can mix and match the exercises which you like daily to make it less boring for your body and keep changing the exercises every week to make it more interesting.

8. Socializing with Friends and Family

Human beings love to socialize with each other. Social connections are very helpful for the health and wellbeing of an individual. During these times we need to be in touch with each other whether it is with a work colleague, a friend or a family member.
Socialize with friends and family
Socialize with friends and family

Yes, we are told to stay at home but we can still socialize with our friends and family through technology. Thanks to technology video calls are possible over Zoom, Skype and other apps.


Share a healthy recipe over Instagram and Facebook that you've made for breakfast to make viewers drool and crave.

9. Play Multiplayer Games

Quarantine life can also be a great time to catch up with your friends. There are heaps of multiplayer games in which you can keep yourself engaged for hours. Many websites provide multiplayer games that you can play online. There are other multiplayer games that you can download directly to your mobile devices and have a great time. Some of the options are PUBG, Call of Duty, Ludo, Scrabble Go, Monopoly and many more. 

Multiplayer Games for Fun - Poki.com

This is my advice to all the trailblazers and everyone out there in quarantine reading this article to make the most of your time spent at home. Learn something new, be active, socialize and have a good time with your friends online. Just don't panic buy toilet paper and pasta ever again.


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