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Ten Productivity Features in Salesforce Spring '20

Spring Release '20 has brought in multiple Productivity features in Salesforce for its end users. Most of these features are ready and out for action. These are some of the great new key features which we will cover in this article.

1. Task Queue

You can assign a task to a queue and have any member from the queue to have the membership of the task queue. Now you can share your work with a group by sharing task queue. This helps to share work with a group of queue members who can take ownership of the work and helps the team to focus on customer service and sales.

Task Queue
Supported Task Object in Queue

2. Lightning Calendar and Events

The lightning calendar provides a lot of productive functionality for end-users. Now you can edit and delete events on hover which helps reduce clicks for the users. You can view events with a preview card just on hover so no more clicking around.

Lightning Calendar and Events
Hover effect on Calendar in Salesforce Lightning

3. Empty Recycle Bin

You can easily manage your recycle bin of your organization in Lightning Experience. This feature wasn't previously available but now you can just click on the 'Empty Org Recycle Bin' button in your lightning app. To permanently delete all items in your recycle bin just go to the Recycle Bin from the App launcher and click on the 'Empty org Recycle Bin'.

Empty Recycle Bin
Empty Org Recycle Bin button in Salesforce Lightning

4. App Launcher Experience

The Salesforce App Launcher has revamped the way users switch between apps. Previously the App Launcher was a click away with tile display but now, on clicking the top left waffle icon, one can see all apps that have been navigated most often. You can navigate to all the apps in the App Launcher by searching in the App Launcher preview or by going to the 'View All' link to open the original App Launcher experience. 

App Launcher Experience
The new App Launcher in Salesforce lightning

5. Deep Clone or Clone with Related

This feature of cloning provides the ability to clone opportunities with related records. You need to add the 'Clone with Related' button in your page layout to use this feature. 
Also, it will ask which all related records need to be cloned. This is also called Deep Clone for Admins.

Clone with Related
Clone with related feature

6. Lightning Features with Chrome Extension

Using Chrome extension 'Lightning Extension' you can try out the latest lightning features and try them before everyone else.
For now, the extension provides Dark Mode for Lightning experience, LinkGrabber, and Component Customization. You can use the chrome extension to enable and disable any of these features.

Lightning Features with Chrome Extension
Lightning Extension in Google Chrome

7. Data Mask

Salesforce Data Mask provides more ways to protect your sandbox data from external vendors or teams who are not authorized to view production sensitive data. This feature is a managed package from Salesforce which helps to randomize, replace and delete sensitive data in your Sandbox instance.

Salesforce Data Mask
Image source: Trailhead

I have covered more details on the Salesforce Data Mask feature in a separate article here

8. Lightning News 

Salesforce lightning news component now provides more English language articles from countries like Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, and the Netherlands. Earlier lightning news feeds were only from US news sources and in Spring '19 Salesforce gradually added support for more countries like Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

Lightning News
News Component in Salesforce Lightning

9. Trailhead Go

Trailhead Go is the first mobile app for Trailhead and a fun way to learn trailhead via your mobile device. It covers around 700 modules to skill up Trailblazers both within the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond.  This is an exclusive Salesforce app for iOS and iPadOS.

Trailhead Go
Image credits: Salesforce.com

Download the Trailhead Go app for your iOS devices here. Hopefully, we get the same app for Android as well.

10. Enhanced Related Lists

This was a beta feature which is now GA (globally available) since Spring '20. Your lightning-related lists can be converted to an Enhanced Related List to show around 10 columns in which you can perform mass actions and also wrap text. 

Enhanced Related Lists
Enhanced List option in the Related List Type


All these features; Task Queue Assignments, Lightning Calendar and Events, Empty Recycle Bin, App Launcher Experience, Deep Clone (Clone with Related), Lightning Features with Chrome Extension, Data Mask, Lightning News, Trailhead Go, and Enhanced Related List is present in Salesforce since Spring '20 release while some need to be activated, others are automatically available for use. Use these features as a Salesforce end-user or Administrator in your day to day life to increase the productivity of all the users working in Salesforce.


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