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Security Alerts in Salesforce

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Why Salesforce Security Alerts ?

Salesforce as a platform keeps enhancing its security with every release for its customers. With the new Spring 20 Release, we do see these security changes done to the Salesforce Security via Security Alerts. This is a new menu option added in the Salesforce Quick setup menu present in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

Security Alert Image

These security updates are the periodical security updates which may affect customisation in the Salesforce Org. Each Security Alerts come with step by step recommendation along with best practices for each security alert.

Security Alert Notification in Lightning image
Security Alert Notification in Lightning

To find what Security updates are waiting for your attention in your org. Please look for Security Alert page in the setup menu. After Spring 20 release, you would also notice a warning message posted which is visible for all admins in Salesforce Classic and Lightning if there are any unresolved security updates. 

The Warning message will disappear once all security updates are completed for the Org. Salesforce recommends to test these security features and assess the overall effect on the org before the enforcement of these changes.

Security Alert Notification in Salesforce Classic Image
Security Alert Notification in Salesforce Classic

All security updates are important but they do have a priority set and define a level of attention to the users. These security changes will work together to enhance the protection of your Salesforce data and will benefit your organisation to secure your Salesforce org.

Here are the types of security alerts in Salesforce.

  • Required - You can't opt-out of these security updates as these can have a major impact on the customisation and configuration of the org. They have an overdue date by which the task needs to be completed before auto-activation in the org.
Required Alert Type

  • Recommended - These are security alerts which don't impact your org configuration but are strongly recommended by Salesforce as the best practices.
  • Info only - The Info only security alert improves the org security and does not change any configuration in the org. They provide information about the Security alert on the changes done by the Salesforce releases.
Info Alert Type Image
Info Alert Type

Salesforce provides security updates via Security alerts and also guides you through the process of enabling the new features for this reason its recommended to have an eye over this Security Alert page. 


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