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Permission Sets + Groups = Permission Set Groups

We all know Public Groups in Salesforce but Salesforce became serious with grouping and released 'Permission Set Groups' in Spring '20.  A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that we can assign to the users, while Permission Set Grouping enables you to manage these permission assignments more efficiently. 

Permission set group

You can have a combination of Permission sets in a Permission Set Group. If you update a Permission set which has a Permission set Group, all updates will be passed on to the Permission Set Group. Permission Set Groups provide more flexibility towards a user profile.

How to create a Permission Set Group

To create a permission set group you need to have all the below permissions in your profile. It is best to check all Permission Sets and remove the ones which are not used anymore.
  • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets
  • Assign Permission Sets
You can find Permission Set Groups in Lightning and Salesforce Classic.

Setup menu
Permission Set Groups in the Setup Menu

To create a new one just go to Setup menu >> Users >> Permission Set Groups.

Enter the appropriate Label and Description to your Permission Set Group record to create a Permission Set Group

Creating a new Permission Set Group
Creating a new Permission Set Group

The next thing is to add the permission set in the permission set group by clicking the 'Permission Sets in Group' link. Add the desired Permission set to your Permission set group and Assign a specific user to the permission set group based on his/her job role. Also, it is noteworthy that all these permission set groups need to have a status as updated before you assign a user.

Muting Permission Set in Group
Muting Permission Set in Group

Muting Permission Set in Group

You can disable any specific permission in a permission set group by 'Muting Permission Set in Group' feature. However, you can disable only one permission set in a group. Permissions in the Permission set group are calculated similar to the Sharing setting feature, so, whenever there are changes made to the Permission set in the group, the recalculation happens. The status of the Permission Set Groups is set based on this calculation. Below is the valid status for a permission set group.

  1. Updated -All permissions added to the group are all correctly updated without any changes.  
  2. Outdated - System needs to update any change captured in the permission sets of the group. Cannot assign new users to this Permission Set Group.
  3. Updating - While recalculation of the Permission set group happens this status is set. 
  4. Failed - If the recalculation for the permission set group fails we might need to contact Salesforce support.


Permission Set Groups are useful to bundle all the permission sets without the need to create new permission sets. Permission Set Groups can hold only 100 permission sets, which are quite a lot. You can remove individual permissions from the Permission Set Group using the muting feature. Overall, a handy feature to be used.


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