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Create Custom Notification in Salesforce

While notifications can be great for user experience it can also be an annoyance to some. We have App notifications or Push notifications in our mobile phones similarly we have the Custom Notifications in Salesforce.

Enter Notification Builder in Quick Find in Setup and then select Custom Notifications.
Click New and add your Custom Notification Name and API Name and Supported Channels.

The Supported Channels provided as of now are Desktop and Mobile. 

Custom Notification
New Custom Notification Type

If a mobile channel is selected, you must enable supported apps for Notification type. Salesforce provides a variety of notification types which can be treated as Standard Notification Types.

 These are the types of Salesforce Standard Notifications

  • Activity event reminders
  • Activity task assignment
  • Activity task reminder
  • Analytics dashboard updates
  • Salesforce Classic report updates
  • Approval requests
  • Chatter group manager announcements
  • Chatter group mentions on a post
  • Chatter individual mentions on a post
  • New comments on a post
  • New messages 
  • Post to a group
  • Post to a profile
  • Post to a stream
  • Other notifications including mail integration issues
If you want to mute these pesky notifications in Salesforce, deselect the delivery channels or use custom notifications. Mobile Notifications work only if 'Enable in-app notifications' and 'Enable push notifications' setting is checked in your org under Setup >> Mobile Apps >> Salesforce >> Salesforce Notifications.

Salesforce Notification
Notification Settings

We can manage these notifications via 'Notification Deliverability Settings'.
From Setup, enter Notification Builder in the Quick Find box, then select Notification Delivery Settings.
Choose your custom notification type, and select Edit from the drop-down menu. Select the supported applications for your notification type and Save.

Notification Delivery Image
Notification Delivery Settings


To wrap it up, custom notification is a neat feature to be used in Salesforce to deliver more user engagement with the platform.


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