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Dataloader.io is a web-based application that can import, export and delete data from Salesforce so there is no need to download any .exe files. It leverages the power of Mulesoft to integrate with Salesforce using OAuth.

So if you are already logged in to your Salesforce org, you are just a click away from connecting with dataloader.io application. Dataloader.io is designed to work with all the Salesforce Editions from Group to Unlimited Editions and it works on any browser.

Dataloader.io Pricing

Dataloader.io has a pricing structure similar to Salesforce and it is not packaged with Salesforce licenses but you can always use the Free Subscription for limited tasks.

Dataloader.io Pricing
Image Source - Dataloader.io

So Why switch to Dataloader.io?

  • You can Import, Export and Delete Salesforce data with a file size limit of 100 MB, so you can load 90 MB Contact file in Dataloader.io without the need of splitting the file.
  • You can connect with FTP, Box, Dropbox and also Database(Coming Soon!) as a source for your CSV files, which is not feasible using Dataloader /Import Wizard.
  • Most of the Tasks can be scheduled either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly just like a batch job that exports data but without writing code.
  • Get Notified via email notifications when the task is completed and the results are sent to your mailbox. Also send the copy of the result to FTP, Dropbox or Box.

Where can you find Dataloader.io in Salesforce?

Dataloader.io is currently an option under Integrations under Setup in Lightning Experience only.

Go to Setup >> Integrations >> Dataloader.io
Click “Launch dataloader.io

This button is located in Salesforce

This will redirect to a new tab and will open a web page with URL Dataloader.io. On landing here, click on the Login with Salesforce at the top right corner of the page. The button looks like this.

This button is located in Dataloader.io site

Once you click 'Login with Salesforce', just select the Environment to connect the Dataloader.io with your Salesforce Org and click Login to start importing and exporting data.

Login Screen for Dataloader.io
Login Screen for Dataloader.io

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, dataloader.io is the best alternative for Dataloader application and you don't need to do any installations just like Salesforce.


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