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A new way to Search in Salesforce

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We've all used the most famous 'Global Search' to search multiple records and we've fished for Salesforce configuration settings using 'Quick Search'. Introducing an all-new way to 'search' in Salesforce, it's the stupendous

*desk drumroll, please!* 


Einstein Search exhibits the incredible power of intelligent search to CRM by making it personal, natural and actionable. That means our desired results and be made available with just a few clicks.

How to enable Einstein Search in your Salesforce Org?

From Setup >> Enter Search Setting in the Quick Search>>Tick the Checkbox>>Save.
Search Settings

How to enable Einstein Search for a specific user

  • Create a Permission Set with License Einstein Search
  • Under System, Permissions Enable the Permissions
  • Einstein Search, Einstein Search Record Preview and Einstein Search Results based on Conversational Search.
  • Assign the Permission set to the User.
Points to consider when using Einstein Search:

  1. Einstein Search is not available in Salesforce Classic, Community search and Knowledge search.
  2. Einstein Search is available in English only and works only in Lightning Experience.

Personalised Search using Einstein Search

Einstein Search provides personalised results for each user so that the user sees only what it needs.

Personalised Search for Cases 

The search is tailored for every user, based on what the user works on, in its Salesforce Org. It uses Data mining and leverages machine learning to give personalised results because Einstein understands your behaviour and preferences.

Natural language Searching

Einstein Search understands natural language and gives you just the information that you need.

For instance, when we use natural language in Google Search, we enter "Mexican Restaurant nearby" which results in a list of Mexican restaurants in the vicinity. Similarly, Einstein Search can be used to search cases that close today in Salesforce using natural language "show me all the closed cases today". This provides a seamless search experience and gives a more realistic approach as if talking to another person.

Einstein Search for Completed Cases 
Actionable Searching

Einstein search is an actionable search which aims to increase productivity by not only displaying the most relevant information for each user but also serving up customisable actions within the search results.

Actionable Search in Action 

So when searching for a contact, one can link an opportunity to the contact record. Einstein Search has resulted in a reduction of clicks and page loads while searching in Salesforce.


So to conclude, I would like to add that Salesforce is engaging a lot of Einstein features into Lightning and is making our Search experience better. So choose the right way to Search using Einstein Search in Salesforce!

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